Monday, August 6, 2007

opening remarks by aaaa account planning committee co-chairs

catrina mcauliffe, director of brand planning, senior partner, carmichael lynch, inc.
suzanne powers, executive directory of strategy, tbwa\chiat\day new york

the conference theme is creating possibilities.

creating possibilites is about change. change denotes the transition that occurs between one state and another.

we know we’re in the middle of a transition, so let’s seize the possibility.

a stimulus or force causes change. we are the stimulus that will create the force that will create the change.

this conference will feature speakers who are willing to change the status quo.

planning is changing. hopefully we can help it change in the right way.

let's use the place we’re in (san diego) to stimulate ideas. you (planners) are a big piece of stimulus yourselves.

we put together the best people for the best outcome.

creating possibilities is about making the unlikely seem likely.

paul potts is an unlikely cell phone salesman who sings opera and becomes famous.

an official aaaa blog about the conference is here. there's not much there.

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