Monday, August 6, 2007

jay chiat planning awards: announcement of gold, silver and bronze winners

william charnock, jwt
murray hardie, fallon

these awards are for creative thinking more than creative.

what are we looking for? five things.

1. pushing planning: the progress of planning—pushing forward
2. insights: not used before for communication
3. strategic leap: step that inspires a leap of creativity
4. famous creative: some sort of impact creative work has on the marketplace
5. a really good story: has to weave together all of these elements

we need to get better at telling the stories.

we're going to run some online workshops and give more time to do that.

gold winners
axe lynx click
axe the gamekillers
rozerem your dreams miss you

silver winners
barely there
playstation 3

bronze winners
partnership for a drug-free america infected by meth
honda element and friends

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