Monday, August 6, 2007

greg coleman, evp, global sales, yahoo!

interviewed by suzanne powers, executive directory of strategy, tbwa\chiat\day new york

a webcast of this interview is here.

every speaker has to work in paul mccartney.

today the marketplace is changing.

we (yahoo!) are working with marketers in search. the search team and the display team are separate teams. we are integrating our teams and going to market in a holistic way. the best way to deliver value is to be platform agnostic.

the customer is most important thing. the cmo is probably not responsible for search. all elements of the marketing mix need to be together.

digitas is pulling together all of the pieces of the digital world in a large global ad agency.

we don’t call it an end state. we call it a future state.

in 1999, customers would go to a car dealership six times before purchase. now, it's 1.5.

the world is changing. try to figure out how to capitalize on the changes that are happening every day.

you have to take a time out and see how things are changing. people are shifting behavior. this is a new world. there’s a new way people behave and purchase.

kids live on facebook. my daughter was suspended for drinking beer because a picture of it was posted on facebook.

my kids say they’re uninterested in seeing any commercial messages online.

an innovative doritos campaign ran on the superbowl. a cmo of an important brand could fired if it didn’t work out well.

this is an example of people thinking differently about creating a campaign.

we advertise to move product.

work in concert with five agencies: user-generated content could put agencies work in harm’s way.

doritos' live the flavor had a $24 dollar budget including two bags of doritos.

after 1100 commercials, doritos's needle moved tremendously.

it’s about creativity. it’s about people taking a chance.

thinking outside of the box is something everybody talks about.

on yahoo! jumpcut, you can edit all kinds of content.

the marketing director for doritos is now a star.

many creative ideas have many failures before they reach the promised land.

are regular people going to start making our commercials for us?

the goal of agencies today is to figure out how to tap into them.

go to film schools. talk to kids.

there has to be a connection between creative and media.

we still have a long way to go.

video advertising online—-repurposing 30-second spot—-is not the answer.

the value proposition of each part of the agency must be developed.

some agencies are clearly not getting it in the digital world. get them to produce a few campaigns only digitally.

great teams embrace change. agencies that don’t embrace change are having the most difficulty

trends in the next five years include bringing customers into the targeting conversation, finding ways to get customers to opt in, giving customer value as well as offering marketers a particular piece of information.

74 million people are on yahoo! groups. how are we marketing to those people?

opt-in doesn’t give mass, but it gives people who really want it.

how can search, display and offline are work together?

what happened to my search capabilities? did it do anything in search? did it move the needle? did people take an action? tie these pieces together to see how to make it work better.

:30’s are going to be around forever on tv. online, creative has got to be smarter.

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