Monday, August 6, 2007

jay chiat planning awards: gold winner

the gamekillers

objectives for 2006
grow the business
re-create perceptual distance: be more credible

the product shift: do something game-changing: a leap

communication alone could not do the job. to be different, we needed to focus on a different product

2006 was the year of the stick

make this sexy

not sweating does not get you the girl

looking for different insights. girls had never been attracted to guys because he was not sweating but had not been attracted to a guy because he was sweating

building on learning from research
role of product: mental cool vs. physical cool
role of brand: keep the girl vs. get the girl

the brief and briefing
axe dry: keeps you cool under mating game pressure

speed dating venue
models were harsh and combative to creatives trying to get the girl

the gamekillers

on presentation day, 32 gamekillers to present

engagement principles
1. go long: spend an extended amount of time with brand. let gamekillers personalities breathe. One hour-long mtv special
2. go where game is killed. gamekillers comedy tour. guys could hear firsthand at bars, restaurants, clubs, schools
3. let guys own and contribute. knew precisely who they were. online obituary generator

to beat thy enemy, one must know thy enemy

drama queen, man with dog, sensitive, one upper, early man

keep your cool. axe dry

3 million viewers
4th in all of cable
mtv ran 11 times
character bios
obituary generator

gamekillers 101
28.5 million media impressions through pr
pop culture phenomenon
97% of axe growth sticks
3% sprays
highest ever market share
outgrew category by 10%
an additional 5 episodes of gamekillers are being produced
myspace 74,000 friends
brand tracking
leadership, innovation, cleverness and cool

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