Wednesday, August 8, 2007

massive change

bruce mau, chairman, bruce mau incorporated

there is no outside the city

a commitment to a global open world
it’s not going to be solved by a single individual or a single company

there’s a new political axis that is not left and right

so much of that debate is about left and right. when, in fact, we need solutions

we need a new political axis that’s about progression as opposed to retrograde. we need leaders as opposed to laggards

they need a vision of an advanced future

it’s not about left and right, this region versus that region, this relgion versus that religion. left and right are both dead ends

a courageous, global effort

massive change 2.0

we’re looking for people who want to do this with their life and their work and with their business

cities are the solution not the problem. new york is one of the most sustainable cities on the planet because of the density

we’re 6 billion, and we’re going to 9

what we have to do is design solutions

beaches are closed because our systems flood and put the sewage directly in the water

in toronto, on one of the greatest fresh water reserves, you can’t swim in it because we pollute it

we need to make the investment because we have the resources. the world is awash in cash

civilizations don’t murder. they commit suicide

we are now a network society. we have a much higher elastic strength in terms of dealing with crisis

in jared diamond’s book, societies that ran their course didn’t have the tools to understand the implications of what they were doing

when we imagined the car, we didn’t understand the number of people or the mechanics we would eventually create

we are 6 billion going on 7 billion because we’ve been successful at confronting hunger

if you want to do something for the environment, educate a woman

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