Tuesday, August 7, 2007

jay chiat planning awards: gold winner

“your dreams miss you”

the good news
1st innovation in sleep aids in 35 years
targets the normal sleep-walk cycle
allays biggest category fear—getting hooked

competitive context

it all looked the same
showing people blissfully going to sleep

heavy competitive spending
highly regulated industry
delivering clear benefits and risks while engaging the consumer
consumers suspicious of pharmaceutical advertising
a highly regulated category

government was telling us what we could say and what we couldn’t say

our opportunity
help people to let their guard down toward sleep aids

insomnia is deeply emotional
talk to them
interviews and focus groups just trying to understand what it is that’s causing them not to be able to sleep
their feelings were deep and emotional and really raw
people were desperate to do anything to go to sleep
felt extremely frustrated
felt extremely jealous
envious of co-workers who were refreshed and feeling great
up at night
alone and desperate
alone with fears and alone with thoughts

but they had major fears about taking a sleep aid, fears that rational response alone couldn’t alleviate

we needed another way in, and we found it in dreams

we couldn’t be rational: we needed to be emotional

mantra: to be more like a friend

we needed to go back and talk with them about dreams

“my dreams are like movies”
“i have a wonderful dream life”
“if you can’t sleep, you can’t dream”

they wanted their dream life back

talking about different paths in
not looking at dreams from perspective of insomniac
but looking at dreams from perspective of dreams

creative genius came from turning the lens . . .
thinking about what our dreams do when we can’t sleep

late at night
want to reach people who can’t sleep

out of home reach them when feeling the effects of not being able to sleep

when getting their daily dose of caffeine with coffee sleeves

able lincoln and a beaver?
people love random, disjointed nature of dreams
should be empathetic and genuinely miss the insomniac

motivate people to do something about insomnia

we got people talking
what’s the meaing of able lincoln?
is that a badger? beaver? muskrat? mole?
what does the beaver represent?
what’s up with the astronaut (deep sea diver)?

and gained cultural relevance
people having fun with campaign
rather than making fun of campaign
simpsons, jay leno, sopranos

lessons learned
glamourless categories can be a blessing
leave room for the consumer to play along
don’t connect all the dots for consumers
it’s okay if not everybody gets it
embrace polarization
quirky rooted in insightful human truth is powerful
have fun

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