Monday, August 6, 2007

the future for planning and planners

adrian ho and rob white, zeus jones

we placed a bet on the future of business.

value has migrated from tangibles to intangibles.

businesses now need to create new possibilities.

exceeding expectations isn’t enough.

you can reinvent yourself.
oops i’m late

marketing as a service.

flip video

adding new experiences to household goods.

the great news is
the future of business = the future of marketing = the future of planning

voice of consumer
advertising midwife

theodore levitt in marketing myopia
"what business are you in?"

this industry is a customer-satisfying one not a goods-producing one.

it's not just planning that's at crossroads. advertising is at a crosroads.
planners helped reform uk advertising in the 60’s.

imagine planning as an industry.

who is the customer?

clients want to create new experiences that xcite their customers.

please use creativity and innovation to imagine a more exciting future.

planners expcted to be a brief writer.

sometimes a creative director is not the best one to judge the business-building potential of idea.

zeus jones

thru actions not words. actions speak louder than words.
experience designer.
reckless disregard for boundaries.
no departments.
no walls between strategy and creativity in how we work or what we deliver.

our first lesson.
take resp for creating value for clients, not just briefs.

no barriers to ideas.
no part of the client’s business is out of bounds.


marketing in a boundary-less sense

satisfying the customer

anything and everything that can help build the business.

our second lesson
shared accountability.
project-based with bulk of fee tied to achieving business results.

our third lesson.
get involved in the compensation negotiation. find ways for the agency to get paid for helping build the client’s business.

the future looks good for planners.

planning as an industry can thrive, but planners must become more vocal and involved in broader agency and industry debate.

“i’m just surprised that no-one’s thought of a better idea yet.”
stephen king

we believe in being tied to financial metrics.

create a bus that didn’t grow just because we hired more people. we stay 6 to 10 people but just make a lot more money.

solve problems. get rid of barriers. i haven’t even considered the possibility that this might not work.

if you’re marketing based on offering people something brand new, there’s not a lot of research that’s required.

most of our clients are not spending any money on traditional media.

don’t start with premise that you’re trying to solve a communications problem.

what can you do for customers? versus what can you say to customers?

if your own compensation is tied directly to the success of the client, clearly you’re being motivated by helping the client achieve their objectives.

ideas that lead to actions that help grow business. business-building ideas.

nordstrom: their media are their stores. they philosophically don’t believe that advertising adds.

compartmentialization of marketing into a tight bucket makes no sense.

i just walked out of this alternate reality. it feels much more real.

it’s going to be a slow and painful next ten years for the existing entities.

this is a time for entrepreneurialism.

the traditional creative department is what is wrong with advetising today. it limits innovation. it’s one of the things that drew us together.

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