Monday, August 6, 2007

from sea to summit--a filmmaker's retrospective

greg macgillivray, president and co-founder, macgillivray freeman films

take audiences to places they can’t otherwise go. not a film but an experience.

imax: clearer, sharper, brighter

8 sound is 6 channels, 12,000 watts of power
7 imax projector light bulb is 15,000 watts
6 film reels weigh 11 pounds and hold 3 minutes of film
5 400 giant screen/imax theatres worldwide: 75% in in america
4 $500 million dollars box office a year
3 65 million people come every year, 10 films a year
2 films made in 3d
1 imax takes an audience to amazing places they can’t go on their own

inspires people to think, to learn more

the rolls royce of film formats
1976 first imax film
films have grossed over $900 million

over 25 million people see our films each year.

five summer stories showed people what it really felt like to be a surfer.

try to put the audience in the action. make them feel like they’re really there.

to fly! played in the smithsonian, was sponsored by conoco.

the library of congress named to fly! one of the 100 most important films in the first 100 years of filmmaking.

every museum director wanted an imax theater.

the living sea
meryl streep narrated. sting provided the soundtrack.

all life on earch is a celebration of the living sea.

the film carried my mission, my message to the masses.

everyone was telling me I was crazy to think about it. re-engineered the camera to do it.

$5 million sponsorship from polartec.
11,000 people received a free making-of dvd from lands' end.

polartec put a 30-second spot at the head of the movie. a low-key branding effort. the film is dedicated to heroes everywhere. no complaints about the advertisement were received.

polartec took a huge risk, we took a huge risk. everest grossed $135 million, the highest of any imax film.

our well-educated audience is different from your hollywood audience.

imax: image is so big and beautiful, it affects you in a different way.

launch is more like an event than a film opening.

top speed
sponsored by porsche

new possibilities for you and your brands

hurricane on the bayou
showed what it was like to be there in the wetlands

environmental and cultural heritage
grand canyon adventure 3d
1 in 5 people lacks access to clean drinking water

grand canyon adventure 3d
sponsor: teva

there’s no other medium that does the same thing as well. impart positive messages.

i've ridden the largest wave.

imax filmmaking is a passion.

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