Tuesday, August 7, 2007

jay chiat planning awards--gold winner

axe click
gavin may, bbh

jimi hendrix
bringing freshness to what you do

the presentation
fresh approach to comms development
most successful ever new variant launch
a global youth craze

our hendrix moment
freshen the npd process
hardwire consumer insight and comms thinking into the product idea

fresh promise
centred on guys interaction with guys, not girls
fresh creative idea

the challenge
new variant launches were in decline
make this the most successful launch ever

1. freshening the npd process

the old npd & comms development process
product name & packaging developed by client
planning develop conceptual product idea, based on insight into the mating game
creatives briefed with this name and product idea
creatives produce comms idea and advertising

we can’t keep using this same process and get a different result

flipped the first two:
planning develop conceptual product idea, based on insight into the mating game
product name & packaging developed

2. freshening the promise
not just getting the girl
getting knowing glances
still equally valued

the product idea
moments of instant connection
click (short and snappy, translates well)
girls will click with you when you wear axe click

how competitive guys could be, particularly when it came to girls

what we also observed
guys are competitive with each other—they like to keep score
about guys & guys, not guys & girls
score more clicks than your friends

guys love stats
in the mating game, that’s particularly true

keep score of girls they kissed or slept with

guys were smirking in the corner in agreement

the creative brief

3. a fresh creative idea

a clicker

addictive to play with
a sense that guys would love them too

getting these into guys' hands
a more powerful means of communicating

the campaign ambition
the clicker
keeps score of your clicks
create a clicking craze

something that resonated globally
groups and friendship pairs
what kind of things do you keep score of?

validating the idea with young guys

4. freshening the plan
local markets had to have the right tools to create a craze

task based campaign plan
seed>make the clickers desireable and seed the idea of keeping score
inspire>establish the campaign idea and communicate the product promise
involve>get clickers into guy’s hands and create forums for them to get clilcking

social currency around them


create the most successful new variant launch ever
biggest ever selling axe new variant
double digit growth globally

comms objective: create a craze
4 million clickers distributed
11 million visitors to website
2 million pounds of free pr

standard way new variants are developed

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