Wednesday, August 8, 2007

closing remarks

by conference co-chairs

sir ken talking about the relationship between intelligence amd creativity started the conference on a note of optimism for the role we can play in the business

there’s never been a more exciting time for planning

the times are challenging, but the opportunities are endless

we start with a wishlist of speakers. when we have a conversation with these people, they believe that what we do has the chance to change culture

recognize the power we have to do that

take that responsibility and actually push it

take conrol. redefine it before it’s redefined for you

every brand could be a belief brand. have a brand with a purpose. change culture through our brands

next time, we will have recycling bins at our conference

if we take the bigger picture into consideration rather than focusing on the weeds, we can make a difference

think about the new business process differently. it’s not that insights aren’t important: it’s about using those insights more broadly

continue the conversation. participate in the conference blog at

a really big thank you to a whole lot of people

think a little bigger and broader to think a little different

we’ll see you next year

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