Monday, August 6, 2007

disruptive thinking

carisa bianchi, president, tbwa\chiat\day la
rob schwartz, executive creative director, tbwa\chiat\day la


now is one of the most interesting times to be in the business.

how do we create new markets?

the world is changing. are you?

it’s about possibilities. it’s about thinking about what can be-—not what should be.

now more than ever, this world needs creative thinkers.

one of the biggest issues we face is time to expose ourselves to new ideas.

the goal: get unstuck.

we must constantly look at things in a different way. strive to find your own voice.

break out. look around you. dare to.

let’s inspire ourselves

3 themes
1. disruptive thinking is happening all around us.
2. our industry will be in a state of perpetual change.
3. we must never be satisfied with what is, we must strive for what could be.

we have to take risk—-a lot of risk.

the power of belief. livestrong.

for me, it made me run a marathon. for others, it helped them do other things.

lance armstrong won the tour de france because he believed. he partnered with the doctor who said, “you’ll ride your bike again.”

the $100 laptop. every child should have a computer. every child should be able to tap into this new economy of technology.

saving the world. an inconvenient truth: a global warning. san francisco banned plastic bags. san francisco and salt lake city banned bottled water. a powerpoint presentation and a man who believed.

new york city. now entering a trans fat-free zone. our foods are fried in trans fat-free oil.

we’re going to change things. we’re going to do things differently.

google: beyond search engine. media mogul, ad exchange, the better internet
fundamentally changing the landscape.

take risks. some of it won’t work, and that’s okay. some of them will work.

cultural snacking: disruptive audience behavior. bite-size entertainment. explore the new world of entertainment.

emerging art forms. the story so far. wii microgames: when a quickie is all you have time for.

we have to start thinking this way. not what is but what could be.

it doesn’t always have to be media.

take the limits of the roof off.

disruptive partnerships: tactical strikes. nike and itunes. google maps.

we’re going to get together now and figure it out later.

take 1 + 1 and it equals 4.

brands thinking disruptively.

visa greencard. made of corn not plastic.

sustainability is a profitable way to go to market.

brands thinking disruptively. ikea. boklok. pre-manufactured homes for $290,000.

i’m not satisfied with what i’m doing. be bigger and better and more creative. add value to lives.

disrupting community. what if every glass of water you drank quenched someone else’s thirst? tap.

all of these ideas are simple: they addressed a problem and solved it in a simple way, and they share a passion and a belief that we have a responsibility to do more.

the viscerable reaction when the phone guy sang. people want to be moved.

this industry is full of a lot of interesting people.


disruptive planning in action case study
a 30,000 foot view

planning 2.0
planning 3g

what if? time now.
it’s not about what is but what could be.

what’s on clients’ minds?
will my boss like what i’m doing?
will i be fired?
will this work?
can i really trust the agency?
should i have gone to law school?

planning to the rescue.

the secret.

what we (creatives) need from planners
1. cultural anthrolpology
the car culture, beverage culture, bra culture
you have to bring the culture to us. dig up the anthropology.
2. clarity
the briefs have to be bone simple. just write it simple. the more simple.
example: make teens make mom get ball park.
3. media insight
be where they are in the way that they are

i don’t know what to do with it, but i know it’s always cool.

tragedy, celebrity
the only time our eyes are on the same thing.

convention for hot dogs: moms.

disruptive brand content: a mad look a hunger.

ball park: hunger gets what hunger wants

not satisfied with hot dogs as a commodity, set out to make ball park a cultural phenomenon with teens.

the more could-be talk you bring to creative people, the better.

the secret revealed. again.
1. cultural anthropology
get out of the office. shoot some stuff. get some film.
2. clarity
keep those briefs bone simple: guys want to get laid, so they need to clean up.
3 media insight
organize the closet on media.

common sense is the least common of all the senses.

“it’s better to be the pirates than the navy.”—jay chiat

channel your jay chiat.

you guys are a vital asset to this industry.

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